Arctic Fire is a a broadcast hosted, filmed, and distributed by Fiery Beards Productions LLC:


Congratulations to Eric Meulemans of Wisconsin, USA.

An announcement on when we will be revealing the secret location, the name of the blade and the time/date on which Eric will be claiming the Artifact will be forthcoming.

For those that wish to keep working on the riddle, keep doing so. We are considering a round of consolation prizes for those that guess correctly before the final reveal.


The final video is now available for download.  Click on the new "Download AF 2013" link above to get it.  
The video is available on a "Pay-What-You-Can" model.  So, please contribute what your budget and opinion of our work allow.  All contributions will go equally to the smiths that participated in the project.
Solve the riddle.  Claim the blade.   

Remember, the riddle is: What is the name of the blade, and what is the name of the town in which we have hidden it? 

Arctic Fire 2013: Artifacts from the Present

The second annual Arctic Fire swordsmithing invitational was held in Anchorage, Alaska on May 28-31, 2013.  Like the 2012 EVENT, this event featured some of the world’s finest swordsmiths in a four day, live webcast event.  Many of last year’s attendees returned, and we are were pleased to welcome two incredible smiths for the first time to Arctic Fire, Owen Bush of the UK, and Petr Florianek from the Czech Republic.

Unlike last year, however, this year’s event did not feature individual smiths presenting different elements of crafting a sword.  This year’s event was a live broadcast of all seven smiths collaborating together to produce an artifact quality blade.  From the smelting of the steel, to the forging of the blade, to the final fit and polish of the hilt, viewers got an “over-the-shoulder” view as these remarkable artists produced a truly unique blade.

And . . . one lucky viewer will win the sword!  The sword cannot be purchased.  It won’t be given away by random drawing.  It was taken from Alaska and hidden someplace in the world.  All you have to do to win the sword is to be the first to solve a two-part riddle: What is the name of the blade, and what is the name of the town where is it buried?   

The winner will be given roundtrip airfare and accommodations to fly to the sword’s hidden location, and unearth it from its hiding place.

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